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Lunch & Dinner
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Lengua a la Vinagreta.
Cow Tongue vinaigrette.
$ 4.95
Picada para dos.
Assortments of cold plates for two.
$ 9.95
Provoleta a la parrilla.
Grilled Provolone Cheese.
$ 5.95
Matambre al plato con ensalada rusa.
Stuffed Round Steak (cold cut) with russian salad.
$ 7.95
Mollejas a la Parrilla.
Grilled Sweet Breads.
$ 4.95
Chorizo Picante
Spice Argentine Sausage.
$ 2.95
Morcilla a la parrilla.
Grilled Blood Sausage.
$ 3.95
Chorizo Argentino a la parrilla con salsa Chimichurri.
Grilled Argentine Sausage served with chimichurri sauce.
$ 2.95
El Matrimonio. Chorizo y morcilla.
Tha marriage. Grilled Argentine Sausage and Grilled Blood Sausage.
$ 6.95
Empanadas. Carne, Pollo, Jamón y Queso.
Turnover. Beef, Chicken, Ham and Cheese.
$ 2.50
Tortilla de papas.
Potatoes Omellette.
$ 3.95
Tortilla de espinaca.
Spinach Omellette.
$ 3.95
Revuelto de Gramajo para dos
French Fries, ham, Eggs for two.
$ 11.95

Ensalada completa.
Full salad.
$ 6.95
Ensalada de la casa.
House salad.
$ 5.95
Ensalada de espinaca y huevo.
Spinach and egg salad.
$ 5.25
Ensalada de zanahoria y huevo.
Carrot and egg salad.
$ 4.95
Ensalada Cesar.
Cesar salad.
$ 5.25
Ensalada Rusa.
Russian salad.
$ 5.25

Sopa del día.
Soup of the day.
$ 2.95

Lunch Only
Auténtico sandwich de Chivito estilo Uruguayo
Lomo con huevos fritos, panceta, queso y dos guarniciones a su elección.
Authentic Uruguayan style Chivito Sandwich.
Tenderloin, with eggs, bacon, cheese, served with two choices of side dish
Lomito a la parrilla.
Grilled Beef Tenderloin.
Sandwich de milanesa con tomate, cebolla y lechuga.
Breaded Steak sandwich with tomato, onions, lettuce.
Sandwich de pollo asado
Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Hamburger a la parrilla
Grilled Hamburger.
Choripan. Sandwich de chorizo argentino.
Choripan. Grilled argentine sausage Sandwich.
Sandwich de matambre.
Stuffed Round Steak (Cold Cut).

From the grill
All meats are served with two of your choice:
frech fries, salad, mashed potatoe or rice.
Parrillada para dos
Entraña, asado de tira, chorizo, morcilla, pollo, mollejas, ensalada y papas fritas.
Assortments of Grilled Meats for two
Skirt, Short Ribs, Chicken, Argentine Sausage, Blood Sausage, Sweet Breads served with salad and French fries
$ 38.95
Parrillada para dos “Especial”
igual que el anterior mas chinchulines, riñon y morrones asados.
Special Assortments of Grilled Meats for two
same as above + Chinchulines, riñon and grilled red pepper.
$ 42.95
Pamplona a la Parrilla
Lomo relleno con panceta, queso provolone, espinaca y aceitunas servido con papas al horno.
Grilled Beef tenderloin stuffed with provolon cheeese, bacon, spinach and green olives served with baked potatoes
$ 24.95
Medio pollo a la parrilla.
Half Grilled Chicken.
$ 10.05
Bife de Chorizoa la parrilla 340 grs.
Grilled New York Steak 12oz.
$ 18.95
Churrasco a la parrilla 170 grs.
Grilled New York Steak 6oz.
$ 14.95
Entrana a la parrilla.
Grilled Skirt Steak.
$ 14.95
Asado de Tira a la Parrilla.
Grilled Short Ribs.
$ 15.95
Lomo a la Parrilla 170 grs.
Grilled Beef Tenderloin 6 oz.
$ 20.95
Pescado del día a la parrilla.
Grilled fish of the day.
market price

From the kitchen
Milanesa a caballo con papas fritas.
Breaded beef served with 2 eggs and French fries.
$ 12.95
Milanesa de pollo.
Breaded chicken served with cream of corn.
$ 12.95
Milanesa napolitana.
Breaded beef with ham, cheese and tomato sauce
$ 13.95
Uruguayan style Chivito.
Lomo, with eggs, bacon, cheese, ham, served with French fries and Russian salad, house salad and heart of palm
$ 17.95
Chivito de oro
Same as above for two
$ 31.95
Pechuga de Pollo rellena con jamon, provolone y espinaca servido con salsa de Vino Blanco y ajo y pure de papas.
Grilled Breast of chicken stuffed with spinach, ham and provolone cheese served with white wine garlic sauce and mashed potatoes
$ 14.95

served with your choice of pink sauce, cream sauce or tomato sauce.
$ 9.95
$ 8.95
$ 8.95
Canelones a la Rossini
rellenos con espinaca y ricotta servido con salsa rosada
$ 12.95

Flan con dulce de leche.
Cream Caramel with dulce de leche.
$ 4.95
Panqueques con dulce de leche.
Argentine Crepes Filled with dulce de leche.
$ 4.95
Helado del día.
Ice cream of the day.
$ 3.95
Arroz con leche.
Rice Pudding.
$ 3.95
Queso y dulce.
Sweet Potato Jam with cheese.
$ 3.95

$ 3.00
1/2 expresso & 1/2 Milk
3/4 milk & 1/4 expresso
Expresso with Kalua
$ 5.25
Expresso with Hennessy
$ 5.25
$ 4.95
Herbal Tea
$ 2.95

Children’s menu Available

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